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President AAIJF


MP (Member of Parliament)


Delhi Olympic Games 03rd to 04th Sept 2021, Dwarka Sect.4, Delhi

Annual General Meeting 2021 on 29th August 2021 in Delhi at Shagreela Hotel.

North India Jeet Kundo Seminar 26th to 28th August 2021 in Haridwar Uttrakhand

33rd National Jeet Kundo Champioship 21st – 01-02nd Oct. 2021 as Online

1st Tapisha World Martial Arts Games 7th – 14th October Portugal

Highlights of World Martial Arts Games 2015

Jeet Kune-Do Federation of Asia is working from since 2009. This federation is working in all over Asia. We already host 3 Asian Jeet Kune-Do Championships. Our aim is to permote the Jeet Kune-Do in all over Asia so that we can enter the JKD in Asian Martial Arts Games which is organized by Olympic Council of Asia (OCA).

Jeet Kune-Do is a Bruce Lee fighting method. It is also known as a modern Kung-Fu.Jeet Kune-Do is a way of the intercepting fist. It is an art bound by no style or method.

Jeet Kune-Do was developed by world famous martial artist Sir Bruce Lee in 1965 (Oakland) and given its name in 1967 (Los Angeles).It is non-traditional, everchanging, and ever flowing. It is simple,direct,and effective without wasted motion or unnecessary movements.JKD uses all ways and is bound by none, and likewise, uses any technique or men which serve its end.JKD avoids the superficial,pene-trates the complex, goes to the heart of the problem and pinpoints the key factors. It utilizes the primary elements of Wing Chun (Ving Tsun "Contonese") Gung-Fu,Western influenced Boxing body mechanics and movements, and French and Western Influenced Fencing stop-hit techniques and positioning**.other elements such as: Western Style Wrestling(strangle holds, leg tackles),Judo(joint locks,ground-work,chokes,leverage and balance),French Style Savate(purring kick) & Muay Thai Boxing(hook kick, elbow and knee strikes and blocks) where also include.



Pawan Kumar
+91 8860079945, +91 8178567824

TAFISA MA Festival Ulyanovsk 2019 -ENG

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